Platooning with IOTA

With platooning, trucks save fuel by driving in the slipstream of the truck in front of them. Platooning is a system where several vehicles can drive very close behind each other without compromising safety.

This evolution in logistics is possible with the exchange of sensor data between the vehicles. The data exchange creates an electronic drawbar, which digitally links the participants of the “Platoon”. The vehicles drive in convoys and the resting time of the drivers increases. In the Fraunhofer Blockchain laboratory, students are developing a platooning prototype.

Iota Truck Platooning
Truck Platooning with IOTA

Money is earned by saving fuel and driving time. Built-in digital wallets automatically pay with cryptocurrencies. The Fraunhofer Blockchain lab decided to use IOTA. IOTA is a protocol that allows data and monetary values to be transferred in one transaction. It is a further development of the Blockchain technology and has clear advantages over conventional payment systems.

  • No transaction fees
  • Low energy consumption
  • Automated micro-payments

Platooning sounds militaristic, but this technology saves the environment and resources in freight transport. In addition to the traffic situation, the CO2 pricing and digitalization pose considerable challenges for freight forwarding companies. Digitizing internal communication, fleet management and accident reports is a fundamental change. Autonomous or semi-autonomous truck platooning comes into play where it counts. With the bare numbers.

Technological leap with truck platooning and IOTA

I still remember the time when trucks drove without the round attachment above the driver’s cab. These parts improved aerodynamics so much that the inventor made millions with them. Today not many trucks drive “topless” anymore. Since that time, I wished I could invent something similar to make millions with it. I did not invent truck platooning. But the impact of this new technological leap with the cryptocurrency IOTA will be at least as significant. If this application of telematics prevails, the impact is more likely to be a factor of 10 higher.

What is platooning?

Platooning is a system for road traffic that allows two or more vehicles to drive very close behind each other without compromising safety.

What are the advantages of platooning?

Platooning allows trucks to save fuel by driving in front of them in the slipstream of the truck.
Semi-autonomous driving extends the drivers’ rest periods.